The Pledge

For Wargamers the “Pledge” is sort of the Holy Grail of gaming. Something worth striving for, but ultimately a hopeless goal.

For those of you who haven’t encountered it before, taking the Pledge is when a wargamer attempts to paint more figures in a year than he/she buys. It really is a hopeless task, but it’s one I’ve decided to attempt in 2009.

It has not gone well so far.

As of today I’ve painted 344 figures (or their US equivalent in GW terms). This is quite excellent progress of me. Or it would have been if I’d not bought 1275 figures already this year.

My current score is:

Bought: 1275
Painted: 344
Sold: 18

Net result: -913

Must try harder.

7 Responses to The Pledge

  1. Neuromancer says:

    Nice idea will be makinga start on my FOG army and Uncharted seas tomorow I Hope

  2. […] June 27, 2009 Posted by Neuromancer in Wargames. trackback Shalamansers blog about the “Pledge” struck a chord with me in wargames terms the “Pledge” is when a wargamer […]

  3. peppone says:

    woot bascoated 100 15mm plus 2 uncharted seas fleets

  4. […] 6 more added to the score, and 6 more figures painted for my pledge. […]

  5. […] that’s another 58 figures towards making the “Pledge” for 2009. Sadly I’ve also bought a few figures. A couple of bases worth of the new GW […]

  6. 2010 says:

    Hoy! What’s the final score?

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