Uruk-Hai Scouts

Uruk-Hai scouts (72)

Uruk-Hai scouts (72)

Last night I managed to varnish the last of my Uruk-Hai scouts. There are 72 of the evil blighters. Quite a quick paint job, heavily washed with GW Badab Black wash.

This brings my pledge progress to:

Bought: 1275
Painted: 416
Sold: 18

Net: -841

2 Responses to Uruk-Hai Scouts

  1. John says:

    The scouts look very good, the basing in particular impress me for quickly painted models. They should look very impressive amassed for war!

    I doubt I’ve managed to paint to finished 72 models since the beginning of 2008! Though my buying is also somewhat less prodigious! I also saw you’ve picked up a couple of Shadowforge teams, I’ve been painting up the Elf one and been very happy with the models, how have you found them?

  2. shalamanser says:

    I’ve not really started the two Shadowforge teams, only based and undercoated so far. Although I did paint one of their Dark Elf Refs last year. The are quite a bit more detailed than the GW teams I’ve done before, so they should paint up nicely – although I’m not sure I can do them justice.

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