Mordor Orcs – stage 1

Wednesday night often sees my wife staying late at work which gives me some free time for hobby stuff. Last night was no exception and I spent a couple of hours assembling a batch of Mordor Orcs.

Mordor Orcs stage 1

52 Mordor Orcs: stage 1 - assembly

These models aren’t as nice to assemble as the Uruk-Hai scouts, indeed I feel they just aren’t the same quality of sculpts either. Why there’s only 52 of them is a bit of mystery too as that isn’t a multiple of 24 which is how many come in a box. Some of them did come from the “Battle Games in Middle Earth” magazines so perhaps that’s an explanation. Although it is much more likely that I’ve put some in another box which will probably turn up as I continue my audit.

The next step will be to add sand to the bases, which with a bit of luck I’ll manage in my lunch hour tomorrow.

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