Mordor Orcs – stage 3

I managed to find 30 minutes on Friday when it stopped raining for long enough for me to get the Orcs undercoated. Then grabbed a couple of hours between mowing the lawn and making dinner on Sunday to do their bases.

It may seem a little strange to do the bases first, but when I’m speed painting I like to get them out of the way. Doing them first also has the advantage that you can really be a bit fast and loose with the dry brushing safe in the knowledge that you can clean up any mistakes later.

All of my evil War of the Ring models will be based the same, with movement trays to match. The colours I use are:

Black undercoat
Scorched Brown (applied liberally)
Snakebite Leather (drybrush)

I then pick out the larger rocks with a little Graveyard Earth, before giving the whole base a light drybrush of Bleached Bone, placing a little more on the large rocks than the rest of the base.

I then tidy up the edges with Chaos Black, although this photo was taken before that.

Mordor Orcs - stage 3 basing complete

Mordor Orcs - stage 3 basing complete

Total time taken to undercoat and base is approx 150 mins, for a total of 330 so far.

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