Dark Elf Shades

My Dark Elf army takes another step towards completion with the varnishing of a unit of Shades.





The unit of 10 is made up of 5 normal shades and 5 which have been converted from a mixture of Wood Elf Glade Guards, Dark Elf Corsairs and Dark Elf Warriors.

Shades (converted)

Shades (converted)

I tried removing the quiver of arrows from the Glade Guard cloaks, but it proved far too much effort. I think they look OK with them still there. I’m imagining the Shades using the occasional stolen Wood Elf weapon to help disguise some of their sneakier operations.



My 2009 pledge now stands at:

My current score is:

Bought: 1275
Painted: 432
Sold: 18

Net result: -825

A poor show, but the numbers are going in the right direction.

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