Saruman, Grima, Lurtz, Ugluk and others

I’ve finally gotten around to varnishing my character figures for my War of the Ring Isengard army.

First up we have Grima & Saruman.

Grima & Saruman

Grima & Saruman

And another shot of the happy couple.

Grima & Saruman (2)

Grima & Saruman (2)

Next we have Saruman, Lurtz & Ugluk. I think I prefer the other version of Lurtz that’s available, but I don’t have that model.

Saruman, Lurtz and Ugluk

Saruman, Lurtz and Ugluk

Finally we have an Uruk-Hai Berserker and an Uruk-Hai Captain. I may go back and add some gloss varnish to the Berserker, because I think he’s quite shiny in the film. Grima’s hair may get the same treatment, but I’ll need to watch the film first. Sounds like a good excuse to me. I wonder if the wife will buy it?

Uruk-Hai Berserker and Captain

Uruk-Hai Berserker and Captain

6 more added to the score, and 6 more figures painted for my pledge.

4 Responses to Saruman, Grima, Lurtz, Ugluk and others

  1. Nathan says:

    how can that be Lurtz? that figure is from The Two Towers and Lurtz died in The Fellowship of The Ring.

    and if you buy that figure in Games Workshop the pakaging says Uruk-Hai Commander

  2. shalamanser says:

    It’s the “Battle Games in Middle Earth” Lurtz figure. I think GW later reused it as a Generic Uruk-Hai commander. I could be mistaken, but the only way for me to be sure would be to check the base-tag, but I’m not pulling him off his base to be sure.

  3. […] year I included this picture in one of my painting update posts (original post here). Saruman, Lurtz and […]

  4. Monroid says:

    But Lurtz isn’t a commander! He’s just a random shooter inside a pack of swordsmen, he isn’t even in the book to be honest 😛

    But if he’s packed as a commander, then figures…

    Oh, and some varnish on Grima’s hair would make it look funny… but it’s the “oh, how creative” kind of funny

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