Howling Griffons

No time for any painting, but the audit continues and out of the next box comes my first ever 40k army: The Howling Griffons. I’m not sure if I have enough stuff for a legal army any more, but I must be close even though army is quite small, 38 Marines, plus 8 Vehicles (3 Razorbacks, 2 Rhinos and 3 Land Speeders).

Here are a couple of “sneak peak” pictures. More pictures and a full list can be found on my dedicated Howling Griffons page.

Here we have a small command squad: Captain, Apothecary and Tech Marine. Also picture is the Devastator squad sarge.

Command Squad

Command Squad

Here’s a close up of some of the grunts. Note the mixture of “Womble” and newer helmets. The Howling Griffons are an old chapter and their equipment reflects this.

Marines (close up)

Marines (close up)

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