Dark Elf army page added

I’ve added a page for my Dark Elf army.

The whole army isn’t listed there yet only Lords/Heroes and Core so far, but I will try to add the rest later this evening or failing that tomorrow.

Here’s a sneak peak of two of the core units.

The Dark Elf list really is spoilt for core choices. Dark Riders are point-for-point amongst the best Fast Cavalry in the game. In my opinion the GW models aren’t worth the price-tag, so like many others I’ve converted mine from Glade Riders (horses and legs) and Warriors (everything else).

Dark Riders (2)

Dark Riders (2)

Not your standard Harpies. These are Skarrd Harpies from Dark Age games.

Dark Age Skarrd Harpies

Dark Age Skarrd Harpies

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