Mordor Orcs – Finished

Friday night saw me grab an hour to do some varnishing whilst listening to and episode of Heelanhammer, so I’ve now finished the 52 Mordor Orcs I started a couple of weeks ago. These were an exercise in no-frills speed painting, but I think they look OK.

Mordor Orcs (1)

Mordor Orcs (1)

Total time spent on them breaks down as follow:

Stage 1: Building Models: 120 minutes
Stage 2: Adding basing material: 60 minutes
Stage 3: Undercoating, Base painting: 150 minutes
Stage 4: Painting: 300 minutes
Stage 5: Badab Black Wash: 50 minutes
Stage 6: Face Highlights and Devlan Mud wash: 30 minutes
Stage 7: Varnish: 50 minutes

Total time taken: 760 minutes

Which equates to a little under 15 minutes per figure. I could probably cut some time from stage 3 by using a simpler basing scheme, but I want all my War of the Ring armies to match. Plus the bases catch the eye, so time spent making them look good is time well spent.

Mordor Orcs (2)

Mordor Orcs (2)

I think my favourite figures in this batch are the bowmen. They’ve got wonderfully expressive faces.

Mordor Orcs (Bow)

Mordor Orcs (Bow)

Also varnished at the same time were 6 Warg Riders, these are for my Isengard army, but I suppose they could serve double duty. If the “Dark Lord” commands it then who am I to argue.

Warg Riders

Warg Riders

So that’s another 58 figures towards making the “Pledge” for 2009. Sadly I’ve also bought a few figures. A couple of bases worth of the new GW snotlings, a pack a the famous familiars and also their “The Chase” vignette. I simply couldn’t resist them.

The net result of all this is:

Bought: 1291
Painted: 490
Sold: 18

Net result: -783

Heading in the right direction, but still an awful long way to go.

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