The Daemons are coming!

The next box opened in my audit contained part of my Daemons of Chaos army. I’ve not used it much, because it is way too brutal for casual play.

When I do use it then usually leading my army will be a Kipper, or Keeper of Secrets to give it its proper name. Just add “Siren Song” and the broken “Torment Blade” and you are good to go.

Keeper of Secrets

Keeper of Secrets

My second choice Greater Daemon would be the Lord of Change. Mine was painted a long time ago and is showing signs of her age. Her base could also do with an update to bring her in line with the rest of the army. At the moment she’s on the lighter coloured base because she was originally used with my Chaos Space Marines.

Lord of Change

Lord of Change

I’ve recently acquired a third Greater Daemon; this Bloothirster. I’ve never used it in battle, but one of my club mates was about to put it on eBay and I took it off his hands. It doesn’t match my colour scheme, so he may get rebased if and when I do the Lord of Change.



There’s also a Daemon Prince somewhere, but he’s not allowed in the same box as the Greater Daemons. GW may be encouraging us to mix and match Marks of Chaos, but Greater Daemons slumming it with a Daemon Prince – not on my watch 🙂

There will me more Daemonic incursions (or posts if you prefer) later this week as and when I find the time to photograph them, plus a “army” page for them shortly in the armies section.

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