Fallen Realms – underway

I’ve not had a great deal of time for painting over the last couple of weeks, but I have managed to snatch a few minutes here and there to start the construction of my Fallen Realms army. The plan is field lots of Mumak-kil, but rather than start with them I thought it would be better to start with some of the basic warriors.

So far I’ve assembled and based 90 foot, which include the crew for 2 Mumaks, plus a handful of characters and 6 raiders.

I’ve not settled on a colour scheme for them yet, but there’s no hurry as I’m unlikely to get a break in the weather any time soon which would allow me to take them outside for their undercoat. At least it’s stopped raining today, even if it is blowing a gale.

Here are a couple of shots of the basic warband and Mumak crews. The level of details will make trying to speed paint these tricky.

Haradrim Warband / Mumak crew

Haradrim Warband / Mumak crew

I’ll probably go for something similar to the GW book scheme of blues and reds.

Haradrim Warband / Mumak crew (2)

Haradrim Warband / Mumak crew (2)

One Response to Fallen Realms – underway

  1. Sapper says:

    Mark, with Matt and now you using mumakil I shall have to re-double my so far futile quest to find a way of combatting the things armed only with pointy sticks and long beards !

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