Pink Horrors of Tzeentch

Just back from a weeks holiday in the Lake District, so I’ve had no time at all for painting. Rather than let the blog lapse I’ll continue updating with some units from my Daemons army.

Starting out the core troop selections we have the Pink Horrors of Tzeentch.

Or more accurately in my army the multi-coloured Horrors of Tzeentch.

Pink Horrors

Pink Horrors

These Horrors were an experiment in using the The Army Painter range of undercoats. My plan was to give them all an undercoat of “flesh” then add the color using the then new GW washes.

Unfortunately I gave all 45 figures a quick undercoat with the flesh spray. All well and good so far, although coverage wasn’t complete, so another coat was called for. This second coat came out lumpy – covering the figures with little lumps which can clearly be seen in the picture below.

Horrors (close up)

Horrors (close up)

This was very disappointing. My annoyance with the product wasn’t lessened by reading an article on their website posted in response to complaints from other people experiencing lumps. You can read it here. Basically it says “Shake the tin”. Fair enough, but I did shake the tin, only I did it for the one minute recommended on the tin. I’ve since tried it again and despite shaking the tin violently for 3 minutes the lumps persist.

I don’t think I’ll be using this undercoat again, although it didn’t do a bad job of the few models that needed only one coat. Witness the picture below. The Horror on the left was sprayed only once, where as the second one was sprayed twice.

Pink Horrors - smooth and bumpy side by side

Pink Horrors - smooth and bumpy side by side

I’ve tried the best I can to save the models by painting them the traditional way, and I’m not completely unhappy with the “mangy” effect that some of them now have, but using the undercoat slowed the painting process instead of speeding it as I’d hoped.

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