Corpse Cart

I’ve still not picked up a paint brush (I’ve been building Dark Elf Xbows and Flesh Hounds for a tournament), but I did find the time to finish varnishing my corpse cart.

This was a fun model to paint. There’s lots of detail which meant it took simply ages to do, but the final model is quite impressive, although my photography skills leave a lot to be desired.

Corpse Cart (1)

Corpse Cart (1)

I’m less happy with the Necromancer, he’s probably too grey. I suspect he won’t be getting fielded very often, as I believe the Vampire characters are better choices.

Corpse Cart (2)

Corpse Cart (2)

I’ve counted the Corpse Cart as being US5 (without the book to hand I’m not sure if that’s right), not a huge amount of progress for my pledge, but every little helps.

The current state of play is:

Bought: 1291
Painted: 495
Sold: 18

Net result: -778

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