Slaanesh Herald

GW don’t (at the moment that is) make a Slaanesh Herald model, so you have to be a little creative. The most obvious solution would be to convert a Daemonette, but I didn’t want to do that and instead opted for a minor conversion of Freebooter Miniatures Chaos Sorcerer.

Slaanesh Herald

Slaanesh Herald

The conversion work is minor, and mostly involved making the summoned creature look more like a Daemonette.

Slaanesh Herald & Daemonette

Slaanesh Herald & Daemonette

Freebooter stuff isn’t cheap, but they are very nice models.

For those of you who want to see the original model you can find it listed under CHA 001 Chaoszauberin on their website.

I’ve a few others in my unpainted pile that I’m planning to use as familiars and assassins for my Dark Elves.

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