Dwarven Standard Bearers

Apologies for the lack of updates, but although I’ve been beavering away at the painting table my camera has been “borrowed” so I am unable to take any “in progress” shots at the moment.

I do however have a couple of pictures of some of my Dwarves to tide me over.

Dwarf standards

Dwarf standards

The one on the left is (I think) the standard bearer from the old metal thunderer unit, whilst the one on the right is a more modern BSB.

Both of these Dwarves would be horrified to learn that I am currently painting some more Dark Elves. I’ve 31 of them (13 Xbow 18 Spears) nearing completion on my painting table, plus a handful of Shades under construction. The extra Xbow’s were needed to pad out my army for the MK Massacre, where I’m hoping to compete. Whilst the Spears are needed for our club game for this years Colours show. There will be more information regarding this to follow over the coming weeks, but our plan is to refight Picketts Charge from the American Civil War, only using Dark Elves vs High Elves . . .

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