Flesh Hounds

Still no camera I’m afraid so rather than give you pictures of my recently completed Dark Elf units (Shades, XBows and Spears) I’ll have to settle for a picture of some of my Flesh Hounds.

Flesh Hounds

Flesh Hounds

As you can see I’ve gone for a fairly plain paint job. The Red is built up from GW Foundation paint Mechrite Red, whilst the Gold is built up from my rapidly dwindling stock of the old GW Brazen Brass. I do hope they bring back this colour soon, but I won’t hold my breath.

Flesh Hounds

Flesh Hounds

I’ve another unit of Flesh Hounds under construction at the moment. They go together fairly easily, but they do require some green-stuff work to fill the inevitable holes at the tops of their legs.

Pledge Update

Some progress on the painting front. For my Dark Elves: 13 Xbows, 18 Spears, 5 Shades, Cauldron of Blood and a Dark Steed mounted BSB. Pictures of these will be posted once I have the camera sorted.

I’ve also found my Manticore rider and he’s awaiting a final coat of varnish before taking to the air once and for all.

Sadly I’ve also slipped and bought some more Warriors of Chaos. In my defense they were cheap, but another US 30 added to the pile isn’t good.

My progress for the year no stands at:

Bought: 1326
Painted: 537
Sold: 18
Net: -771

2 Responses to Flesh Hounds

  1. Matt says:

    hey, i just bought a couple of flesh hounds, im using them for 40k
    do you know what colour is used for the purple parts seen on the box

    • shalamanser says:

      I’m not sure as I’ve thrown out the empty box. I’ve checked through the Daemons Army book and there’s not much purple on those ones. My guess would be Liche Purple or Warlock Purple. Maybe a mixture of the two. My Dark Elves are mostly painted a 3:1 mixture of Liche to Warlock – if that helps match the colour.

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