A small step backwards

Colours has been and gone and although I didn’t buy anything like as much unpainted lead as I have done in the past I did splurge a little more than I’d hoped.

The main culprit was as expected: the bring & buy. Where I was tempted by some metal daemonettes, a handful of old Orc and Goblins, a small box of Dwarves, and a flame cannon. I also picked up two Warmachine armies (Cygnar & Cryx), but they are painted, although one will require some repair work.

I also picked up a couple of bits and bobs that I’d been looking for from the various traders. West Wind finally had the Soviet Bomb Zombies I’ve been waiting for before starting on my Secrets of the third Reich Soviet army. Soon the German Zombies will have somebody to fight.

German Zombies - Patiently waiting for the Soviet Undead to arrive

German Zombies - Secrets of the Third Reich

Plus I picked up a handful of Wyrd Miniatures new Malifaux figures. More about this game in later posts (I hope).

All in all the unpainted purchases add up to US 83, which makes my total for the year a very unhealthy:

Bought: 1409
Painted: 537
Sold: 18
Net: -854

I’ve not had a chance to download the few photos I took with my iphone at Colours, but you can see a couple of shots from the game on our club blog here

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