Still no progress on the camera, so once again I’ll have to settle for publishing an old picture rather than taking some new ones of the Haradrim I’m painting now.

Here we have two of my Runesmiths for my Dwarf army. Nothing much to say about them. They’ve had a fairly simple paint job to match the rest of the army.



I tend to use the one on the left more often than the one on the right as he ranks up far easier, although some opponents have confused him with my BSB. Personally I don’t see it.

Dwarf standards

Dwarf standards

Some progress on the painting front. Nothing actually finished, but rather a lot of stuff complete except for their final coat of varnish. Including:

Bretonnian Trebuchet & Crew
Dark Elf Manticore & Rider (found him at last)
Orc Wyvern & Rider
12 US Armoured Infantry from the Brainwurst! set
42 Haradrim Infantry

Hopefully I’ll have the camera back soon and can take pictures of them as I finish them.

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