Still no camera, but here’s a Wyvern

Still no camera, but here’s a picture of a Wyvern I completed a few months ago. The Orc rider is currently waiting to be varnished, along with quite a lot of other stuff.



I’d hoped to have a varnishing session last weekend, but for various reasons that didn’t happen. I did make quite a bit of progress with the brush though, and have finished another 35 Secrets of the Third Reich figures. 24 Soviet Zombies, including 4 Bomb Zombies, plus 11 assorted ‘living’ Soviets. I wasn’t quite so impressed with the Soviet Zombies compared to the German ones, but the ‘living’ models were an absolute pleasure to do. Pictures will be forthcoming just as soon as the camera is available – promise.

The lack of a varnishing session has meant my “Pledge” total has continued to progress in the wrong direction. This time the culprit was a large batch of Khador figures for the superb Warmachine game from Privateer Press. My plan is to try out a new (to me at least) method of painting them. More to follow . . .

Bought: 1564
Painted: 537
Sold: 18
Net: -1009

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