German Zombies

German Zombies - The most fun models to paint of 2009

This will be my last update of 2009.

Pledge progress has been slow over the festive period, although I’ve finally varnished another 5 flesh hounds. This makes my final painted miniatures total for 2009 a quite respectable 715.

Sadly the purchased total is a massive 1584. After factoring in another 45 received as Christmas gifts, then taking off another 31 swapped or sold on, I’m left with a grand total of -883. Or to put it more simply . . .

Epic Fail!

That’s probably a fair description of my Pledge performance in 2009.

Let’s look at those numbers again.

Obtained: 1629
Painted: 715
Sold: 31
Net: -883

So where did it all go wrong?

Too many projects – that was the problem, and the fact I can’t resist a bargain. Looking back through my 2009 purchases I can see that the unpainted stuff was mostly picked up cheap and/or to fuel my interest in War of the Ring and more recently Warmachine.

So what now?

My plan is to try again in 2010. Only this time I’ll stay focused 🙂
Perhaps trying to finish a project before starting on the next would help. I’ve not got the willpower though.

I’ve a few potential projects for 2010, including . . .

Warmachine: Khador – I’ve a large collection of recently acquired, mostly built and undercoated models, but I’ll probably hold off painting them until the MkII book is out.

Warhammer: Savage Orcs – I’ve 100+ of these waiting to be painted.

Warhammer: Skaven – I’ve 150+ models already done, and about the same number needing done.

Wargods: Spartans – I’ve been picking these models up whenever I see them cheap for years now. Must have 120+ at least.

War of the Ring: Various – I could finish my Evil armies, although the prospect of assembling and painting 3 Mumakil quite frankly scares me. Or perhaps I could start on one of the Good ones. I’m spoiled for choice.

Those are the likely candidates for 2010. I’ve just got to start one before I’m tempted by anything else.

I’d best get cracking then before the GW release those new Tyranid models . . .

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