A slow start to 2010

It’s been a slow start to 2010. January is never good for painting. The evenings are dark, which is discouraging and the weekends always seem to be full of other things which need to be done.

Still, I’ve managed to make a start on my 2010 pledge with the completion of another 72 Mordor Orcs.

Nothing much to say about these really. They were once again “speed painted”. I think they’ve turned out well considering how little time I’ve spent on them.

Mordor Orcs (1)

Mordor Orcs (1)

Mordor Orcs (2)

Mordor Orcs (2)

So a good start with my Pledge for 2010.

Obtained: 1
Painted: 72
Sold: 10
Net: 81

I’m ahead of the game!

One Response to A slow start to 2010

  1. Matt says:


    You’re making me feel bad. I’ve only managed to 1 giant rat and some 40K test pieces. 72 Orcs is pretty impressive even if they are speed painted. Well done that man.


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