Back in the game . . .

. . . I hope so. Four months without an update is simply too long. The truth is that there has been very little to report though. I’m not really sure why, but I’ve not been in the right mood to paint much recently. Although I’ve still been buying figures 😦

I’ve not been completely idle, although I’ve been picking at old projects rather that finishing them. Recently though I’ve started to get back in to the swing of things, working mostly at getting some Khador jacks finished. It’s been heavy going though. Perhaps a white/red paint scheme wasn’t the most sensible choice. They’d certainly have been finished by now had I gone for the all red scheme that is the most common one you see. You can expect pictures for these over the next month or so as and when I varnish them.

Whilst working on the Khador I’ve not ignored my Cygnar completely. I’ve finished a couple of extra casters and there’s a pair of jacks drying on the varnish table as I type this. Both casters are Haley. First up her “Prime” incarnation.







Followed by here “Epic” version. As you can see I haven’t used the full cloak extension. Due to a slight miscast I had a terrible time trying to assemble the thing properly and finally decided not to bother. She looks fine without it.




eHaley - rear view


eHaley (again)

So only two figures finished opposed to a couple of hundred bought puts me back in the hole for my 2010 pledge.

Obtained: 315
Painted: 74
Sold: 13
Net: -228

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