My name is . . .

. . . Lurtz!

Or is it?

Last year I included this picture in one of my painting update posts (original post here).

Saruman, Lurtz and Ugluk

Saruman, Lurtz and Ugluk

I was firmly of the opinion that the figure I’d described as Lurtz was the original Lurtz figure from the Battle Games in Middle Earth magazine.

Now I’m not so sure.

The current Lurtz is this model.

Lurtz & Lurtz

Lurtz & Lurtz

I think my original guy is just a generic Uruk-Hai commander now, although I remain half convinced he was originally named Lurtz.

Those two Lurtz figures mean more progress with my 2010 pledge. Two more done – big woop!

Obtained: 315
Painted: 80
Sold: 13
Net: -222

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