Orc Commanders

Nothing much finished this week, but quite a lot of figures are stacking up on the “too be varnished” pile. Next week I should have some Cygnar jacks for you, and perhaps some Khador ones too.

In the meantime though here’s a handful of Orc commanders.

Mordor Shaman & Captain

Mordor Shaman & Captain

Gorbag? & Grishnakh

Gorbag? & Grishnakh

I suspect the one on the left may be a version of Gorbag, but I’m not sure. The one of the right is certainly Grishnakh though.

That’s four more models towards the 2010 pledge, which now stands at.

Obtained: 315
Painted: 89
Sold: 13
Net: -213

2 Responses to Orc Commanders

  1. osman pineda says:

    cool minis, but that aint gorbag, thats gothmog.

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