Still no Jacks, but plenty of Uruk-Hai

Apologies once again for the lack of updates. My mind hasn’t been focused on the hobby much lately.

I’ve still not had a chance to photograph my finished Khador Jacks, so to keep the site active I’ve taken a couple of quick snaps of my latest batch of Uruk-Hai. They are pretty much all done now, at least I hope they are, assuming I don’t buy any more.

Pictured here are:

39 Pikes
35 Sword & Shield
8 Siege party

Uruk-Hai Mob

Uruk-Hai Mob

Uruk-Hai Mob 2

Another even shakier shot of an Uruk-Hai mob.

That’s an impressive 82 on the positive side of my 2010 pledge. Just in time to offset any purchases I may make at Colours this weekend and the Skaven slaves I bought last week.

Which makes the current score:

Obtained: 331
Painted: 179
Sold: 13
Net: -139

2 Responses to Still no Jacks, but plenty of Uruk-Hai

  1. Stephen says:

    Hey, nice armies! Looks like you really take your time to produce good results.

    Anyway, I am just getting into the hobby and I have various small armies. I’ve just been collecting so far and haven’t started painting. I was just wondering what colors you used on your Uruk-hai? Thanks!

    • shalamanser says:

      Thanks for the comments.

      I used a very limited palette for the Uruk Hai.

      Black undercoat
      Drybrush all the metal parts with a mixture of Boltgun Metal / Chaos Black (2:1)
      Highlight metal with Boltgun – this is a very limited highlight.
      Flesh and Leather is painted GW Dark Flesh
      Cloth is painted using GW Foundation Khemri Brown, Graveyard Earth or Kommando Khaki.
      Hair is Vallejo German Grey (70995)
      Pick out teeth with Bleached Bone.

      Once that is all done the whole model gets a GW Badab Black wash.

      Finally highlights are applied to the Flesh using the original colour and the Leather using GW Vermin Brown, both are very lightly applied.

      Add any white hands etc. Job done 😉

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