More Cygnar

Here a couple of pictures of what should be my last Cygnar models for some time. Unless I find a cheap Brisbane on a Bring & Buy somewhere.

Hunter & Ol Rowdy

Hunter & Ol Rowdy

Hunter Light Warjack

Hunter Light Warjack

Ol Rowdy

Ol Rowdy

Ol Rowdy - side view

Ol Rowdy - side view

Ol Rowdy was a bit awkward to put together, but the Hunter went together like a dream. Both look like lean, mean killing machines.

I counted these as the equivalent of 16 models when I bought them, so I’ll count them as the same now they are painted, although the effort taken to assemble and paint them was probably about double that.

Coming next – Khador!

I’ve also no gotten around to counting most of the models I bought at Newbury

Which makes the current score:

Obtained: 454
Painted: 195
Sold: 13
Net: -246

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