A Jack a Day week – Day 4

A Jack a Day week continues with Kodiak Thursday.

Khador Kodiak (1)

Khador Kodiak (1)

This was another “Bring & Buy” purchase. The main part of the model had been built and pinned, but the previous owner hadn’t pinned, or even attached, the arms.

I know why now. Simply put – they were a complete pain to pin and attach. Most of the problems were caused by trying to position the arms, and were finally solved by bending them. I’m not sure if this was the fault of the original miniature or if the previous owner had bent them himself. I’d be interested to hear from other people who’ve built this model to see if they had problems too.

Khador Kodiak (2)

Khador Kodiak (2)

You’ve got to love those big hands/arms – Lovely to paint too – even if they have some large flat surfaces which are usually a nuisance with the white colour scheme.

Khador Kodiak (3)

Khador Kodiak (3)

Current Score:

Obtained: 518
Painted: 260
Sold: 13
Net: -245

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