A Jack a Day week – Day 5

A Jack a Day week – Day 5 – The Spriggan

Oh my, what an amazing model this is. A delight to put together, a dream to paint. You know you like a model when the only criticism you have is that he’s a pain in the neck to fit in your army box.

I think this picture shows why.

Khador Spriggan (1)

Khador Spriggan (1)

A quick zoom in shows the model at its best despite my average paint job.

Khador Spriggan - close up

Khador Spriggan - close up

This side on view shows the incredible design of the model. One warning though – you’ll be tired of painting rivets before your done with this one.

Khador Spriggan - side view

Khador Spriggan - side view

And here’s a rear view. All of the Khador Jacks look good from behind, but the Spriggan is probably my favourite.

Khador Spriggan - rear view

Khador Spriggan - rear view

Only one more day to go in “Jack a Day” week, and I’ve saved the best til last . . .

Current Score:

Obtained: 518
Painted: 270
Sold: 13
Net: -235

4 Responses to A Jack a Day week – Day 5

  1. Dave Wilkin says:

    Very nice, Mark. Do you usa a wash or ink on the mini?As the white still looks crisp.

    • shalamanser says:

      White undercoat. Rough paint job all over, where I paint the white bits fortress grey. Then two coats of watered down Ronseal quick drying Walnut varnish. Then highlight with the original colours, then highlight again. The white is built up with several very think layers. Red bits and Brass bits are given a brown ink wash, silver bits get a black one – both are watered down about 50/50. The whole model is then given a wash with my magic Klear floor polish mixture, before an acrylic varnish.

      Time consuming – but not perhaps a much as it sounds.

  2. gladiator64 says:

    Klear, I remember that from my army days! So you use this as a varnish, do you use it neat? and does it have a matt or shiny finish?

    • shalamanser says:

      I water it down. I can’t recall the ratio, but I’ll try and find it for you. I make up a big batch and it keeps for ages. I use it for all sorts of things. Mostly as a medium for thinning paints. It’s effectively the same stuff that is used to thin the paint by the manufacturer and it works really well.

      It also helps as a final varnish to really make surfaces “pop”, which is what I’ve tried here.

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