Some linky poos

Last night I was scouting around the web looking for other painted examples of Malifaux models and stumbled upon this Max von Deadlock’s miniature madness a fantastic blog which deserves a mention. His Flesh construct puts mine to shame. Lovely bases too. I’ll have to get me some of those bad boys. I won’t use one of his pictures here, but get yourself over there now and take a look.

Whilst I’m plugging blogs . . . why not shamble over to Dice like Dave the brand new offering from my good friend and driving force behind the Bedford Gladiators: Dave Wilkin. It’s early days yet, but Dave can’t help collecting new stuff so there’s likely to be plenty to see over there.

That’s enough links for today. Coming soon – More Malifaux.

Here’s a teaser.

Lady Judge

Lady Judge

2 Responses to Some linky poos

  1. Dave Wilkin says:

    Thanks for the plug matey!

  2. Like Dave said, thanks for the plug. Loving your Malifaux minis 🙂

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