The RedChappel Gang

More Malifaux, more Ressurectionists. This time it’s the Redchappel gang. Quite a mixed bunch this gang.

The Redchappel Gang

The Redchappel Gang

Seamus, The Mad Hatter is their leader.

Seamus, The Mad Hatter

Seamus, The Mad Hatter

He’s quite a large model. Perhaps too large. I blame the hat.

And then we have Madame Sybelle. Unfortunately I only took one picture of her from the front and it’s a bit blurred.

Madame Sybelle (blurry)

Madame Sybelle (blurry)

The rear view doesn’t suffer from the same camera shake 🙂

Madame Sybelle (rear view)

Madame Sybelle (rear view)

The rest of the gang; The Rotten Belles, will follow shortly.


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