Iron Warriors

The Iron Warriors used to be one of the top-dog armies in 40K, although I suspect that no longer holds true.

These were painted just after the “Eye of Chaos” campaign. Looking at them now I’m unhappy with how the bases look, and if I were to start using them again I’d redo them.

Going through my boxes I’ve yet to find their vehicles and Obliterators, but I’m sure they’ll turn up eventually. I think there’s some more Marines elsewhere too.

So far I’ve found:

Commander/Aspiring Champ (with servo-arm)
2 x Aspiring Champs (Powerfist)

11 Chaos Space Marines (Bolter)
8 Chaos Space Marines (Bolt Pistol, CCW)
2 Chaos Space Marines (Plasma Gun)
3 Chaos Space Marines (Lascannon)
4 Chaos Space Marines (Missile Launcher)
1 Chaos Space Marine (Heavy Bolter)
1 Chaos Space Marine (Reaper Assault Cannon)

5 Raptors

That’s only 38 figures.

Apologies for the quality of the pictures, but I didn’t realise how few had come out properly until after I’d packed the army away. I’ll try and take some more at a later date.

Iron Warriors - Plasma Guns

Iron Warriors - Plasma Guns

Commander and Heavy Weapons

Commander and Heavy Weapons

Chaos Raptors

Chaos Raptors

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