And now for something completely different . . .

November 5, 2009

Plenty of progress on the painting and Pledge fronts as I’ve finally managed to catch up with most of my varnishing backlog. I’ve finished 30 Army of the Dead for War of the Rings, 24 Soviet Zombies plus another 11 assorted Soviet Models for Secrets of the Third Reich, and another 12 Americans from the Brainwurst! set (also Secrets of the Third Reich). I’ll take photographs of these once they are fully dry.

In the meantime here’s a picture of a KV2 for Flames of War. It’s been painted, weathered and the varnished at least twice. I’ve misplaced the slogan transfers which need to be applied to the turret, so I can’t count it as complete, but here’s a couple of pictures in any case.



KV2 - another view

KV2 - another view


Eastern Front Flames of War

October 8, 2009

Still no progress on the camera front, so this time I’ll have to settle for a couple of “action” shots of my East Front Germans (MidWar). Apologies for the quality, but they were taken “in game” and the lighting wasn’t the best.

First up we have a PzIVF1 – long barreled



Next we have the PzIVF2. Very useful for digging out infantry. You can just make out the PzIVF1 in the background.



I don’t really play Flames of War any more, which is a shame because I did really enjoy the game when I first started playing. The Late War stuff leaves me a little cold though, as it tends to be a little dull to play.

I’ve still quite a bit of unpainted Flames figures, so perhaps I should try and rekindle my interest, although more things to paint is the last thing I need at the moment.

Painting update:

The varnishing backlog continues to build up with 42 Haradrim Bowmen joining the queue. I’m going to try and get them all done at once, hopefully at the weekend.

Once they are all done it will be a huge plus towards my “Pledge” progress – not that I have any realistic expectation of succeeding this year after making more purchases at Derby.

Never one to turn down a bargain I picked up:

24 Wargods of Aegyptus Spartans (I must have enough for the army now)
A Circle Orboros starter box
6 Satyrix Raiders
2 Fell Bats

Which makes my score for the year:

Bought: 1480
Painted: 537
Sold: 18
Net: -925

Next up on the painting table will be my Secrets of the Third Reich Soviets.