Painting table

Currently on my painting table we have the following eclectic mix. Can you tell I frequently decide to “paint what I fancy”? Or if you prefer “can’t finish a project before starting another”. 🙂

[Update 02/11/10 – I have been trying to clear the decks a bit as of late. Especially taking photos of stuff that’s just been laying around waiting. What I really need to do is put some of the less vital stuff to one side – I’m looking at you Wolf Riders]

Done awaiting photography

Orc General on Wyvern

Eamon (Secrets of the Third Reich)


Nothing at the moment

Awaiting varnish

Manticore & Rider

Mordor Orc Standard Bearer x2

In progress

36 Black Orcs
3 Snotling Pump Wagons
Skaven – too many of these to count still, but far less than there were.

Black Dragon
Black Coach

Frau Tear
Wolfgang Faust

2 x Death Marshalls (Malifaux)


Elf Bloodbowl team (Shadowforge)
Dark Elf Bloodbowl team (Shadowforge)
Undead Bloodbowl team

4 Haradrim Characters (foot)
6 Haradrim Raiders
Mtd Sulladan
2 Mahoots

Soviet Dushka (SotTR)
The Hammer (SotTR)
German Vampire (SotTR)
Bomber Zombies (Incursion) x2


15 Goblin Wolf Riders
6 Dark Riders
1 Mtd DE Sorceress
4 Flamers
3 Horrors
10 Dire Wolves

3 Warg Riders
Wild Warg
Lurtz (yes another one)
3 Mordor Orcs – all metal so probably have names
Radagast the Brown

Based awaiting undercoat

Governor (Black Scorpian)
Governor’s Daughter


Bronzeback Titan
Molik Karn
Beast 09

Being Assembled


Completed since this blog started

Bretonnian Trebuchet
Jezzails, Doomwheel & Swarms
Skaven Odd & Ends
Lord Skrolk & 29 Plague Monks
17 Slaves & 16 Gutter/Night Runners
Rat Ogres
Skaven Engineers & Weapons teams
Island of Blood Clanrats
The Guild: Lady Justice
Legion of Sorrow
The Redchappel Gang pt2
The Redchappel Gang pt1
The Body Thieves
Manhunter & Manhunter Alternate, Wardog, Gorman Di Wulfe
Khador Berserker
Destroyer x2

pSorscha, eButcher & Juggernaut

Hunter & Ol Rowdy

82 More Uruk-Hai

Squig Hoppers

Orc commanders

Uruk Hai command

Khador Widowmakers

pHaley & eHaley

72 Mordor Orcs

Painted 2009

5 Flesh Hounds
7 Jagerhunds & Werewolves
12 US Infantry from the Secrets of the third Reich Brainwurst! set.
8 Assorted Soviets (SotTR)
Nika the Widowmaker (SotTR)
2 Soviet Anti-Tank Rifles (SotTR)

20 Soviet Zombies (SotTR)
4 Soviet Bomb Zombies (SotTR)

30 Army of the Dead (WotR)
42 Haradrim Spear
42 Haradrim Archers

Cauldron of Blood
13 Dark Elf XBows
18 Dark Elf Spearmen
Dark Elf Mounted BSB
72 Uruk-Hai scouts
10 Dark Elf Shades
2 Wraiths
Uruk Hai Captian
Uruk Hai Berserker
52 Mordor Orcs
6 Warg Riders
Corpse Cart

2 Responses to Painting table

  1. mike954 says:

    Nice to see Haley and eHaley in the pipeline! =)

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